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Replaced existing patio and extended 9 feet, added outdoor fireplace with log holders and seating walls, added outdoor kitchen, stone steps from kitchen and family room, new walkway from driveway to patio, and expanded existing driveway. Fireplace, seating wall, log holders, and kitchen all faced with stone.

Read below but if this is the only sentence you read and you are looking for masonry work, HIRE ROY TARGIA….you will not be disappointed!!!!

My wife and I moved into our house in Dec of 2015 and we knew one of our first projects would be to create an outdoor space we could enjoy and entertain. So in the spring we began to look at different contractors and landscapers. We had 2 landscapers come out to our house to discuss the project. At the same time someone suggest we speak with a mason. So I looked at Angie’s List and found Roy Targia….he has a huge number of excellent reviews so it made sense to give him a call. I left a message with Roy and he got back to me with a few hours. He came out to the house a few days later and met with my wife to go over what we wanted. He then came up with a design that we loved. In the meantime it had been several weeks since we heard from the landscapers. My wife called their offices several times and we still didn’t hear anything. Roy got back to us with a proposal 2 days after he came to the house.

Once we had his proposal it was a bit higher than I wanted to spend. So we met with Roy at his show site Structural Stone. We discussed the initial proposal which included a fireplace, outdoor kitchen and extension of the patio. Once Roy and I discussed a budget we made some changes and decided against the fireplace for a firepit to bring down the cost.

Roy sent us the revised proposal and we signed and gave him a 10% deposit. Roy said he would start the project, barring any weather delays with current projects, in early June.

During our waiting period for the start of the work, I began to make some changes with type of stone for the outdoor kitchen, stone for the firepit, and added a stone bench to the project. I texted Roy during this time many times and he always responded very quickly. It was great having his immediate feedback and reassured me that I had chosen the right guy.

Lots of rain during the spring months delayed our project….but we were in no rush, so I asked Roy if we could confirm a date in August. He agreed.

2 weeks before the scheduled start of the project, my wife and I decided we wanted to go back to the original proposal with the fireplace. Roy revised the contract and sent it over. We signed and anticipated the start. I had taken time off from work on our agreed start date so I was concerned whether we were going to start on the agreed date….Roy and his crew showed up when he said he would. This was the start of great expereince.

Roy’s crew showed up at 8am the first day. They immediately were faced with a challenge….our town had decided to pave our road that day! I was concerned that Roy would not be able to get his machinery on our property and we would have to begin another day. Nope, Roy took charge….he quickly got his guys and machinery on the property and even spoke to the town foreman to get the job started. Roy introduced me to Joe, his foreman. Joe was friendly and immediately told me that he would communicate with me and my wife through the whole process and if we had an questions or concerns to speak with him.

So they started and the moved quickly! The old patio was up and they began to dig footings for the steps, fireplace and outdoor kitchen. Within a few days things were coming together. As we began to see the kitchen and fireplace come to form, I often had questions and wanted to make some changes….Roy was easy to talk to and worked with me on the changes. For example, I wanted Roy to build a table for The Big Green Egg….I had researched the measurements for the table online and Roy and Joe built it to my specifications. But, I was wrong on the measurements, twice! Roy and Joe made the modifications needed to make me happy without giving me a hard time.

12 working days later we had an unbelievable patio and outdoor living space, walkway and expanded driveway! It took them only 12 days! The work was meticulous.

In my dealing with home renovations and projects, I have come across many individuals ranging from excellent to very bad. Roy is the cream of the crop. He takes pride in his work and his business is a reflection of him. He actually cares about you and wants to make you happy. We feel lucky to have found him.

Joe, I need to give you a big shout out…..Joe is absolutely amazing. When you have a business and you surround yourself with someone like Joe, things are going to go right. Joe not only cares about his work and the project, but I always felt he had our best interest in mind.

I hope you go through this review….if you take anything away from this, know that Roy will take care of you and will be someone you can rely on and actually speak to before, during and after the project. I wish him all the success because he most certainly deserves it!

As a developer and Real Estate Broker in Florida with 30 years of experience I’m very pleased to recommend Targia Masonry on the job he and his man have accomplished at my NJ home. While I’ve communicated with Roy Targia through email in person, I’ve gotten to know him as a reliable and professional contractor with rock star design and workmanship skills. I have no doubt that he’ll continue to create outstanding work as he completes the second and third phase on my site.
Roy Targia and his men began my 100+ foot retaining wall in less than 4 days and they have gone overboard in their work ethic. Roy has jumped in during a major push complete the job in 4 days and worked on design across the site. Targia Masonry Co elevated my property‘s aesthetic by creating elegant designs across our yard. Roy and his men are fluent in all aspects of the construction trade and have experience with builders, and developers like myself. Roy Targia has an artistic eye and a keen sense of professional experience. I owe a great deal of the appeal and ease of use of my back yard to Mr. Tagia efforts.
In addition to working on front end, Roy also worked across our social use of the backyard space platforms. He helped shape the design around our pool area and saved me tons of $$$ by using less material thru proper use of material used. He was especially skilled with curating the proper drainage issues. Between his strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail, Roy was able to create a sleek visual experience that drew in the cheers of my children and wife.
While Targia Company has been a great talent for our family yard he seeks to work for a cause about which he’s passionate- environmental protection. He’s excited about Targia’s mission to make backyard design affordable to the average consumer. We’ve had conversations about his commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and efforts to reduce his carbon footprint. I’m excited he’s used this opportunity to apply his expertise to help building our back yard space. Targia Company is a creative, detail-oriented, and savvy excavator and mason with a passion for customer’s service. He’s great at working independently and can produce high-level work with little supervision or direction from the owner.
Some adjectives come to mind when thinking of Roy. He is very polite agreeable friendly, intelligent, and hard-working. A company you can count on.
I have no doubt that he will make your next job in the same quality as he is doing on mine.
Some adjectives come to mind when thinking of Roy. He is very polite agreeable friendly, intelligent, and hard-working. A company you can count on.
Please feel free to contact me or view my house by appointment on the work that Roy Targia has completed. Sincerely, Carl Presto, Presto Properties LLC, Develop, Palm Beach Florida.

Unaccustomed to writing “thank you” notes for work done at our house, we feel compelled to say “thank you” for the front walk you recently did for us. The pavers look beautiful, your crew was polite, efficient, and meticulous in their completion of the job, and most importantly, you showed up. In a world where we are all faced with people who don’t return phone calls, don’t show up when they say they will, and shoddy workmanship…you have restored our faith. From the time I contacted you to the completion of the job, less than 48 hours lapsed. So, thanks again and I look forward to our next project with you.
Evie & Gary
West Caldwell

Recently we retained Roy Targia masonry to remove and rebuild a damaged, fialing masonry retaining wall at our home. It was a curved wall with a stepped top and steps through it leading to a pathway. The wall was faced with cultured stone to match the stone we had previously installed on the lower level of our home. From the beginning, Roy Targia Masonry was very professional in their dealings with us, responding immediately to a request for a proposal and meeting us within days. We went over the project and Roy made several useful suggestions of how the wall was to be built. Within a week we were sent a cost proposal that was fair, and clearly described the work to be performed. We were not able to proceed right away due to personal reasons, but Roy Targia masonry was ready when we were finally able to begin the work. There were no unanticipated changes in the work prior to beginning. The retainer required was reasonable at 10% and we ordered the facing stone material through Roy Targia’s preferred salesman. The work was originally scheduled to begin on a Tuesday, but actually began one day earlier. During construction, there were minor layout issues, due to my preferences which when pointed out, were implemented immediately with no hesitation. Each morning Roy Targia himself would come to the site to discuss the day’s activities and to address any questions we had. The work was completed by Thursday afternoon, one day earlier than promised. Final payment was not requested until we were totally satisfied. The final product, the wall with the steps, was absolutely beautiful, especially the curve of the wall, a seamless smooth curve with no flaws. The cultured stone facing the wall was impectably placed and matched perfectly the existing stone on the lower level of my home. We have had many other contractors to our home for various other issues and Roy Targia is among the top tier. We would be more than happy to recommend his company to any homeowner requiring a masonry contractor.

Susan & John

We just wanted to say how pleased we were with Roy Targia’s work when he
put in our new stoop and 2 beautiful brick pathways leading to our home
some five years ago. Because we were so happy with his work, we contacted
him again this summer when we were doing our driveway. Again, with his
expert advice, he did a great job continuing that existing brick pathway to
create a beautiful patio onto the driveway. His ideas, talent and
dedication to detail has helped give us the most attractive home in our
neighborhood. The work he and his company did has been praised by family
members, all of our neighbors and strangers, too, walking past our home.

Carol & Art
Maywood, NJ

Dear Roy,
My wife and I wanted to express our gratitude to you and your crew for the excellent work you guys performed at our home. You transformed our back yard into a safer, more kid friendly area for our daughter and friends and family. It was a good outdoor space before, but your workmanship has made it a more useful area that we are proud to have and share with guests. We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work.
We would recommend the Roy Targia Masonry team to anyone in need of a professional Mason. Prior to having Roy perform the work, we met with several contractors who either gave us outrageous estimates or who treated our project as not worthy of their time. From our initial meeting with Roy, we found him to be honest, down to earth and very open to our ideas. We knew right away that no project was too big our too small for his team. Roy gave us a very fair price and started the project the next day.
In 2 ½ days, Roy and his team worked tirelessly as they fixed our existing retaining wall steps, installed a large paver patio and placed mulch around our daughters swing set. Roy kept us informed and involved with every step of the project. He even visited our house on a Sunday to ensure that my wife was happy with the progress of the work.
Roy, your efficiency, workmanship and attention to detail are second to none. We look forward to working with you again on future projects. Thank you again for the great work!
Lenny and Christina Santiago
Totowa, NJ
Roy’s crew built new front steps with limestone and brick. He also laid
a paver block walkway to the driveway.

We had a contractor start the job on June 3, 2012. He delivered some of
the material but never came back to finish the job. We called him several
times and all we got was an answering service and he never returned our
calls. After sitting with a hole in the front yard and the walkway missing
for two months, we called Roy Targia Masonry. On August 13, 2012 his
crew came in and built front steps and the walkway using the material that
we already had.. The job turned out beautiful and he was finished in 3
Even though the job was started by another contractor, Roy stepped right in
and completed the job without any hesitation. We would recommend him and
his crew to anyone. Thanks Roy.

My paver driveway project started about 2 years ago. I contacted several different companies, received estimates, told several of them to do the job……but they never showed up to do the work. That’s when Roy came into the picture. I contacted Roy for an estimate, he showed up earlier than he said & gave me an honest price & explanation of what would have to be done. I told Roy he had the job the 2nd week in May & he told me the job would be done the middle of June. Roy & his crew showed up at 8:30 the morning of June 18th & were tearing up the old driveway before I left for work 10 minutes later. I was quite impressed with his fleet of trucks & equipment which was lined up in the street in front of my house……If I had any doubt in my mind up to that point, it was at that moment I knew I was dealing with a professional. I was figuring in my mind that the job would take at least a week……possibly 2. Much to my surprise though, the job was completed on June 20th…….that’s right, 3 DAYS!! It looks AMAZING & I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. You could tell it was done right & by professionals. They were neat & cleaned up the property nicely every day they worked. I never had to worry about coming home to a mess after my long workday. I would highly recommend Roy Targia Masonry for your next job……I know I’d definitely use them again for any of my future projects. All I have to say is…….you wouldn’t have your car repaired by your accountant… why would you have a landscaper do your pavers or stonework? Let the landscapers stick to cutting the grass & let Roy Targia do your pavers & stonework!!

Thanks again for a job well done,

Scott……from Saddle Brook


I wanted to send a note of “gratitude,” to the Roy Targia Masonry team who just completed a landscaping & retaining wall project at my residence in Wayne. This is my second time using the company and looking to use them for a third time. My initial inquiry & estimate with them was for masonry work, however I was I was pleasantly surprised and made aware of their landscaping capabilities. They are skilled, have great workmanship and price that is hard to beat. I would recommend the Targia Masonry team for masonry and landscaping — don’t be mistaken with the name “Roy Targia Masonry.”

Thanks kindly, Ivett


I would highly recommend Roy Targia Masonry for any masonry job, large or small. Several years ago I had my deck taken and replaced with a patio. The patio was done with pavers, retaining wall and steps leading to the yard below. It was done incorrectly and pitched improperly and after many seasons of rain and snow the patio was uneven, the bricks were lifting and the stairs were literally falling down. There was also water lying next to the house and in different areas of the yard.

I spoke with several masons in getting estimates and deciding what to do. I was very impressed upon meeting Roy Targia. He immediately assessed the problems and gave me a drawing to support his solutions. I also found his pricing to be fair, honest and reasonable. Upon deciding to work with Roy a written contract was forwarded and a date to begin work was set. I have never been happier with a crew or a job being done. Roy’s crew is polite, neat, and constantly kept me up to date on what was happening. I also have never seen a crew work for so long a day outside. They began each day at promptly 8:30am and ended at 5:30pm with one break for lunch in between. Everything we discussed was done in one week. The patio was completely taken apart, pavers were re-cut and replaced correctly, 3 sets of stairs were redesigned and replaced and the yard was regraded and drainage was added to force the flow of water away from the house. Upon completion of the job, it began raining and then rained on and off for the next week. The yard is totally dry and so is the patio.

Roy Targia Masonry is a professional company with skilled and hardworking employees. Roy himself is honest, easy to work with, personable and also a skilled mason. I would recommend Roy Targia Masonry for any job you may have.

If you have questions please ask Roy how to contact me as I would be happy to talk with you.


Ann Marie

May 9, 2012

Dear Roy,

Robert and I want to thank you for the great job you and your crew did repairing our retaining wall recently.
As I told you initially, we did some comparative pricing before contacting you. We saw your ad in a Wayne publication, and I called you for an estimate. You gave us an honest, well detailed account of the procedure you would use to do the job. Without revealing to you any of the prices we had already received you gave us your estimate.

We were surprised to see the vast difference in the dollar amount between your estimate and others we received. Your price was much more reasonable for the same job specifications that the other contractors and landscapers quoted on.

Once the job began, you and your crew were on time, neat and got the job finished in two days just as you specified. Not only did you make the necessary repair, you went one step further and made adjustments to make certain the wall was more structurally sound than it was when the previous homeowner initially installed it. A lesser contractor or landscaper probably would not have gone the extra mile.

We will most definitely call upon you again if we have other masonry projects in the future. In addition, I will be happy to recommend you to friends and family who may be seeking a professional mason.

Carol C