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Roy Targia pavers

Pavers, Roy Targia Masonry can help transform your outdoor
walkways,patios and driveways into functional works of art.
Complete the look with our matching accessories including steps, copings, and planters. Choose from standard paver colors, styles and thicknesses, or allow us to help you develop your own custom
look. Customer service is our priority, so let us know how we can be of service to you! Call Roy Targia Masonry today and We will do everything we can to make your project a pleasant experience.
When you hire us to install your hard scape project you can count
on Roy Targia Masonry to do it right the first time. We are New
Jersey State licensed (13VH02838300), insured and all work is warrantied for one year. Contact us today, 973-626-0389
Fully insured and bonded
20+ years experience in block, brick and stone installation
Solid track record
Complies with all OSHA safety regulations
We perform “daily clean-up” of all job sites

Pavers are growing in popularity as numerous homeowners are choosing the paver option to customize their backyard pavers as well as their pool decks. Pavers are also popular options when dealing with the construction of driveways, steps as well as walkways.
In brief, some of the benefits of pavers include their ease of installation as well as their fast serviceability. Moreover, a number of paving options are quite affordable to install and are known for their durability. Furthermore, when damaged, pavers are quite easy to repair with the cost of maintenance being quite low. It should be noted that the actual benefits depend on the type of paver you intend to install.
Due to the availability of various sizes, shapes as well as the colors of paving materials, pavers have quickly become some of the most versatile materials used for paving purposes. Pavers come in literally endless number of styles and color variations. Concrete pavers, for instance, can be designed to look like naturally occurring paving materials such as clay, stone as well as brick. Lighter toned pavers are great for use around pool decks as well as around patios as they offer a cooler surface. The earth tone colors are known to harmonize and blend with virtually any décor. Moreover, you can use a two or more different colors of pavers together with a number of different textures to create a unique look. Some of the common types of pavers include concrete pavers and brick or natural stone pavers.
Concrete pavers a great alternative to the poured-in-place concrete option. While the latter costs less than pavers, they are known to crack after some time. Hence, this option may not be suitable where durability is a concern. However, it should be noted that when dealing with concrete pavers, the cost of the paver depends greatly on the quality of material being used.
When compared to concrete pavers, brick or natural stone pavers are a much more expensive option. This is due to the high cost associated with the manufacturing of the paving material. On the other hand, brick or natural stone pavers are known for their combination of attractive finishes as well as slip resistance. Individuals with a modest budget should consider concrete pavers rather than brick or natural stone pavers. When cost comes in to question, concrete pavers offer a more economical option than any other paving option.
Pavers are known for their classical appearance.     Furthermore, they are also known for their longevity. If you are looking for a paving option, pavers are a great economical choice.

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