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Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living rooms: Eighty-seven percent of Americans list ‘spending more time outside’ as the most important reason for renovating their existing homes. Using the outdoor areas of our home for recreation, socializing or tranquil relaxation is not a new concept. What is relatively new, however, is the rise of the concept of an outdoor room. These outdoor living rooms are becoming so comfortable and well-equipped that they, Outdoor Living Rooms, rival the rooms in our homes.

Well-designed outdoor living spaces can be the most utilized areas of your home, especially when these spaces are built along paths used for entering and exiting the home outdoor living rooms
So,why is an outdoor living room in the top 5 on a list of features requested of home builders and real estate agents? Making your home beautiful, comfortable, enjoyable and more valuable in every way means including the outdoor areas.
The line between indoors and outdoors continues to blur as the desire to enjoy outdoor spaces furnished with interior comforts becomes the norm. Driven by the need for peaceful respites to balance stressful lives, people are consciously carving out more time and creating sophisticated spaces for enjoying outdoor settings with family and friends. Thus making additional space out doors for those special gatherings.
At Roy Targia Masonry, we  look at an outdoor living rooms similar to an indoor living room, but with walls formed by trees, hedges or fences connecting to the home’s exterior walls. Outdoor “flooring,” in the most basic sense, can be as simple as grass, pebbles, or stepping-stones, or as elaborate as a well-designed multilevel deck or slate tiles installed on a concrete pad. Retaining walls used to increase the size of the outdoor room. Ceilings outlined by tree limbs, pergolas, retractable awnings or permanent roof structures.
Contact Roy Targia Masonry to design that special outdoor space for you. Outdoor living rooms can provide that extra entertaining space that you are looking for. Adding value to your home outdoor living rooms do a great job. This year alone we have built 49 outdoor living rooms in New Jersey. Outdoor living rooms are the new thing in design. Call today to have your outside living rooms built today.